Mar 5, 2009

JEW POINT OWE Reassessed


After finally finishing the seventh klezmer inspired composition, I decided it was time to rethink ‘Jew Point Owe’. When I originally set out to do the album it was going to be an EP, with three klezmer pieces, and three laptop pieces. As the actual recordings of the klezmer pieces grew in size (about 20 minutes for all three), the idea went from EP to LP. The original reason for only recording three, of the six and a half available at the time, of the pieces for the ‘acoustic’ half was I could only do the ones that would work as duos with me and Serg.

Since then I’ve begun working with a lot of new musicians, particularly Manchester’s Jazz scene. So I’ve decided to record the remaining ‘acoustic’ pieces for the release. I’m very excited about this as some of the pieces I had to leave out of the recording before were my favorites.

In addition to extending the length, ‘Jew Point Owe’ will also be released on Concrete Moniker, a Manchester Label.


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