Jul 19, 2009

Jew Point Owe : The Making Of

Jew Point Owe

What started off as a simple idea of writing a few klezmer inspired folk songs to improvise around, turned into over a year of writing, performing, recording, and eventually book-binding.

Jew Point Owe, my second full solo album, eventually ended up as an 11 track variety-fest, with tracks ranging from an acoustic guitar duo, to an electronic noise orgy, to a quasi-jazz freak-out.
The recording of the album was a challenge as each track is a different lineup and approach. The packaging was also a MASSIVE endeavor as it is being released on Concrete Moniker, as a limited edition of 40 hand-made (by me), hard-cover books. Real books. Each one contains the scores to the acoustic tracks, as well as artwork by Angela Guyton.

Below are some photos and videos from the various recording sessions, some live performance leading up to the recordings, and finally, some photos of the book-binding process.

If you would like to purchase a hand-made version of the book, or would like to download it on a flexi-pay basis please visit my Store, which will link you to the Concrete Moniker page.


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