Sep 10, 2010

Social Networking – 1 : Rodrigo – 0


I hate social networking sites.

I find them really boring and artificial. Fake interactions between fake friends.

HOWEVER, with how popular these sites are becoming, as an artist, it’s important to be involved, and available with the technology. The only reason I’ve had a Facebook (the worst of these sites as far as I’m concerned) is for that very reason. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), people don’t go onto Facebook to check for music, much less experimental music.

Today I finally broke down and signed up for Twitter. The other half of the social networking chimera.
And with that, I linked up as many of my social networking sites as I could, and most importantly, I linked my RSS feed to them as well. So when I add actual interesting news (unlike this post), it will go out there, to the places on the web, where I daren’t go.

I’ve updated the links section on my webpage to reflect the slew of of sites I’ve got things on, but here they are.
Marvel at their redundance!


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