Dec 13, 2019

Som Desorganizado – Artist Talk – Sonoscopia – Porto – 13/12/19

Som Desorganizado - Artist Talk
Friday, December 13, 2019
5:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
Rua da Prelada 33
Porto, Portugal 4250-376
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Encounter, dialogues and reflections on the sound exploration of contemporary artistic expression.

13, 14 and 15 DECEMBER 2019
Porto / Sonoscopia / 17:00 - 22:30

13 DEC - New instruments and music creation
DEC 14 - Creation Collectives
15 DEC - Performance and new technologies


Gijs Gieskes / Rodrigo Costanzo / Gamut Inc / José Alberto Gomes / Ilan Manouach / Mateo Mena / Gretchen Blegen (Ausland) / Wade Matthews (Cruce) / Tiago Fróis (Convent Workshops) / Miguel Carvalhais / Nuno Torres / Victor Gama / Adriana Sá / Paulo Maria Rodrigues

With the new interfaces and new musical instruments as a theme and starting from the activities developed throughout the year in Sonoscopia, these meetings aim to open to the community the opportunity to share the processes (developed and developing), the applications, and reflect on their progress. , setbacks, past and possible futures. Being a practical and experimental area by nature, where the focus is on the moment and the project, it rarely has the opportunity for sharing and reflection beyond the work. These meetings are not intended to nullify or replace this risk and single-time character, but to step forward after the work and the stage. The step of sharing, the step of reflection and above all the step of consolidating the developed artistic processes. The meetings are marked by the community spirit and the inclusion of plural voices, which aim to go beyond the artist, the curator, the designer, the historian, the public or the multiple players in the creative process. These are meetings that are expected of a philosophical relaxation and seriousness that we believe to be essential in building the future of our activities and, consequently, their involvement and comprehensiveness in the local and international scene of exploratory music.


1 day ticket - 7 €
Ticket 3 days - 15 €
3 days ticket (Student) - 10 €
Includes dinner

Prelada Street 33
4250-376 Porto

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