photo by Stephen Harvey


I make art.
I think this is an important thing to do.

The art I make is generally smeared in time, in the form of music.

I improvise and act as an antennae to the beauty, electricity, and endless surprise that is living a crazy life.

I compose and try to create new sounds, interactions, and behaviors that I find interesting and challenging.

I perform my own music and the music of others on a variety of instruments, with close friends.

I believe in magic.
I believe in sharing things (for free).
I believe in teaching.
I believe in openness.
I believe in Amplifiers & Explosions.

I love sweet jams, and I avoid speaking with a complicated vocabulary as much as possible.

I love learning.

I try to live as presently and honestly as possible.

I live with artist Angela Guyton.

Here are some talks and interviews:


Rodrigo Constanzo
-makes music and art
-lives in Porto/Manchester
-is a crazy person

Learn from me (for free!)

I am offering free lessons / conversations / consultations / mentoring / time / support to creative people, locally or remotely.
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Composition, Performance,
and Making Things,
sitting in a tree :