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Mar 23, 2011

STEIM Workshop


I recently spent a week and a half at STEIM and it was amazing. This is the blog I posted for their project blog.


I’ve known about STEIM, in one way or another, for almost 10 years now. While living in Miami (currently in the UK), it existed as a faraway place where amazing, almost magical, things happened.
After moving to the UK I always had, in the back of my head, a thought that I would go and see it in person. After starting my MA (in Electroacoustic Composition at the University of Manchester) I decided to apply for an orientation workshop.
Now backing it up a bit. Zoom and enhance. Zoom and enhance.

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Jan 23, 2010

The Party Bus Finished

Party Bus

Finally finished building this little box. It’s a Where’s The Party At 8-bit Bendable Sampler and a buffered 4 to 1 mixer, all in one. It took months to finish, mainly due to problems discovered during my poorly functioning first build. I had to solve clock bleed, a noisy mixer, and other tasty details.

Click here to find out more about The Party Bus.

May 24, 2009

Electric Whisks Finished

Electric Whisk

Finally finished another new instrument. This one isn’t a self-standing ‘instrument’ per se, but more an instrument to play other instruments with.

It’s basically a regular whisk, just made from scratch so that every prong of the whisk is isolated, and connected to an alligator clip on the other end of the cable, so that I can make connections by striking surfaces, or touching the whisks together, or grabbing them with my hands etc…

They are particularly useful with my Ciat-Lonbarde Kitten-Nettiks, but they can be used with any electronic device that can be driven by making/braking connections (nearly everything).

For more pictures and detailed info click here.

Mar 16, 2009

Sidrassi-Tom Finished

Sidrassi Tom

After over a month of planning, and building I finished this new instrument. What this does is let me play the Sidrassi from my floor-tom, by mounting four piezo pickups inside the tom itself. I’ve already used the Sidrassi as part of my drum setup in a recording context, this only makes it easier to do live. The first performance with the Sidrassi-Tom will likely be in May, at my next solo gig.

For more pictures and detailed info click here.

Feb 28, 2009

PA Tremblay Recording Session

Drum and Bass

After sharing a stage with PA in December, and being invited to speak at the GEM Days festival in Huddersfield, we booked some studio time at Huddersfield University.

I took my ‘drumset’ setup, which as you can see by the pictures is hardly a drumset at all. PA used his 6-string fretless bass + laptop setup which I saw him perform with originally. We improvised for just under two hours and seemed to cover everything from subtle, texture-scapes, to blasts of lo-fi meets hi-fi noise, to stuttering glitch/sludge hip-hop. I look forward to hearing it back, and seeing what will become of it. Continue reading »

Jan 31, 2009

Speaking At GEM Days Festival


I was invited to speak at the Max/MSP symposium by PA Tremblay after sharing a stage with him in December. I did a power-point presentation on my “lo-fi meets hi-fi” setup of Ciat-Lonbarde electronics (Rollz-5 and Cocolase specifically) and Max/MSP.

It was my first time doing a PowerPoint presentation, and all in all I felt it went extremely well.

Oct 30, 2008

“The Ocean’s Like Right There” Recording Session

Oceans Right There

More ‘Jew Point Owe’ recording with “The Ocean’s Like Right There”. Another duo with Serg but this time we are on Namasitar and Banjo. Nearly through with the ‘acoustic’ half of the CD. Continue reading »

Oct 28, 2008

SOUND Festival Performance


Just got back from performing in Aberdeen as part of the SOUND festival. Did a solo set with Angela doing live painting, and Serg joining in on a couple of pieces, including a great performance of “The Oceans Like Right There” from an upcoming CD. Continue reading »

Oct 11, 2008

In The Studio With Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern

TSC recording

With Serg moving back soon, and a recent performance firing us up, we decided to do a studio session. We setup all the usual mics/equipment, and five video cameras and let it roll.

Expect a CD/DVD , currently titled “The Sans of Gilbert”, sometime in early 2009. Continue reading »

Oct 2, 2008

Got My Radio Zither!!

Radio Zither

So what is it?
This is what Peter Blasser, the designer/builder has to say:

RadioZither is wireless technology, in marriage with a fine wooden casket carved from Baltimore City logs. Modeled after the pan-Asian tradition of plank zithers (guqin, gayageum, koto), its form reflects upon ancient heritages. Its function is to transcend traditions through radio, to inspire global thinking physically as well as ethereally.  This instrument sonifies plucks as well as movements between plucks, it is played / meta-played.” Continue reading »

Aug 15, 2008

Rodrigo Constanzo : Live at Fuel

rodrigo constanzo

I got a last minute message from Blank Media about doing a solo gig for them. I accepted and planned my set. With Serg having recently come to stay with us I decided to include him, and premiere one of the tunes from ‘Jew Point Owe’, “The Oceans Like Right There”. This was also my first performance using the Namasitar.
I bookended this piece with free improv on the Specto and guitar pedals.



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