Most of the stuff I make comes in the forms of videos. These are most often collaborations with Angela Guyton. Here you can find a selection of the most recent videos I’ve made.



I used to make albums of sonic material with people. Here are a selection of these.

Amp/AL was recorded in late 2013 and is an album of feedback/flute music by Richard Craig that contain a series of works that thrive on the constraints of the equipment and the potential of feedback within, across and through the instrument. This CD contains is a piece for amplified wind instrument and amplified snare drum by Rodrigo Constanzo.

Rodrigo Constanzo – amplified snare
Richard Craig – alto flute & bass flute


A Greater Horror‘s self-titled debut EP was recorded in mid 2012 and is a post-jazz trio album with Mauricio Pauly and Alex Tod. The music is mostly loud but then it is delicate – it is as solid as it is vertiginous. The trio focuses on the performance of original music which oscillates between detailed through-written scores and free improvisation.

Rodrigo Constanzo – Keys
Mauricio Pauly – Bass
Alex Tod – Drums


Recorded in mid 2010, “16 Figures” is an improv trio album with Ray Evanoff and Iain Harrison. Due to the unique sound of electronics+cymbal+saxophone the improvisations have a very visceral and almost uncomfortable quality that I find really exciting.

Rodrigo Constanzo – Strings and Electronics
Ray Evanoff – Amplified Cymbal
Iain Harrison – Alto Saxophone


I AM YOUR DENSITY, recorded in 2008 and released in 2010, is a composition written for a group of improvisers. It is loud. It is noisy. It is long.

The instrumentation ranges from voice, to didgeridoo; from circuit-bent drum machine, to acoustic drums, all manners of ruckus are celebrated.


Recorded in early 2009, “Drum & Bass” is a duo album with Pierre Alexandre Tremblay. It is comprised of improvisations that range from textural laptop-scapes, to grimy stutter-hop, to some smooth jazz, and many other things that I can’t pretend to come up with names for (those above are inadequate enough).

Rodrigo Constanzo – Drums
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay – Bass


Rodrigo Constanzo
-makes music and art
-lives in Porto/Manchester
-is a crazy person

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