Improv Analysis

I came up with a framework to think about, practice, and analyze improvisation. This involves breaking the decisions made during improvisation into discreet streams, which I felt encompassed all of my improvisational thinking. These are MaterialFormalInterface, and Interaction.



dfscore System

The dfscore system is a realtime dynamic score system built to function over a local network to display a variety of musical material. The primary motivations for building the system were to allow for a middle ground between composition and improvisation, and to be able to dynamically restructure and reorchestrate material on any given instrumentation.




Some of the work I create involves composition or conceiving things ahead of time. The compositions on this page are mostly based on behavior and interaction based approaches to improvisation.


cutglove_smallCut Glove

Cut Glove is a live sampling and performance instrument built using Max. It was programmed around the Xbox 360 controller and contains mappings based on video game mechanisms and metaphors.


Rodrigo Constanzo
-makes music and art
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-is a crazy person

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