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What is the term for finishing where you started? For drawing a red circle around the last paragraph and drawing a long line to the first paragraph? For underlining the important terms and concepts and ⌘+V-ing them back into place? Whatever that term is, this is that.

The integrated practice presented in this thesis centers around the creation of compositions, videos, recordings, software, scores, performances, and improvisations. More than the individual components, the actual work is the web that links them, the network of synapses which interconnect and cross-pollinate. This interconnectivity forms the basis of the creative practice which I have hopefully presented here.

In addition to the (net)works there lies a meta-creative practice where different aspects of the process are focused on, with the act of changing that very focus being incorporated into the creative process itself. The practice of changing my focus and perspective in relation to the work being produced is as integral as the work being produced: a continuum in multiple, temporal, and integrated dimensions.

The dynamic process, which was presented [frozen, sanitized, flattened] here will soon be unpaused. The feedback loop which was tapped into, in order to create this document(s), will again begin to self-oscillate. The planchette of the creative spirit board slowly moves its way to “goodbye”.

The future is bright. #00FFFF one could even say. Between the future plans I outlined for Cut Glove and Making decisions in time as well as carrying on with some unfinished compositions and new projects I will have plenty of material to work on for the near future. On a larger scale I will dwell further in the grey areas of the continuum of my creative practice, hoping to forgo [conceptual, temporal, technological, aesthetic] boundaries altogether, focusing on aesthetic experiences, and not the containers for them.

And onward…



Rodrigo Constanzo
-makes music and art
-lives in Porto/Manchester
-is a crazy person

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