Aug 27, 2012


C-C-Combine is a corpus-based audio mosiacing application, built in Max/MSP, based on concatenative synthesis.

It sounds like this:

And looks like this:

Click here to read more about it and to download the patch.



  • Rodrigo, I’m so late getting to this. I’m a big fan of your work, and I absolutely love Karma~. I found this from a link on the cycling forum and it should be no surprise that you are behind this. Can’t wait to mess with it. I am just starting to get into concatenative synthesis and using descriptors in MuBu. If you have any suggestions on how one can easily wrap their head around the MuBu library, I’d be all ears. But more importantly, I am just expressing my admiration for your work.

    • MuBu stuff is pretty powerful, but I’ve found it a bit difficult to work with and maintain between versions/updates. I’ve been working on a C-C-Combine 2.0 recently (I’ll send you an email about it), which does some pretty musical stuff (without MuBu).

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