The Party Bus

I love building things. I love improving on things. I look for any excuse to update, expand, modify, tweak, and customize nearly everything I own. I’ve been using this horrible little DOD passive 4 to 1 mixer as part of my ‘drums’ setup for some time. Since I only gig with a Fender combo amp I used it to be able to plug my SpectoSPD-S Sampler, and Sidrassi-Tom into. Well, the passive mixer sucks, literally. The highs get rolled off, and the tone is mushy. I had been wanting to update the mixer part of my setup for quite some time when I ran across something magical. The Where’s The Party At 8-bit Bendable Sampler. Since I already own and love my Ciat-Lonbarde Cocolase, which is similar I was floored. It was awesome, it was cheap, AND it came as a kit?! I ordered one and built the bad boy. I then built a buffered 4 to 1 mixer off a schematic I found on Both got housed in a snazzy plastic enclosure from Maplin.

I had to do quite a bit of troubleshooting with this one as I got all sorts of problem ranging from clock bleed, poor signal to noise ratio overall etc… It took nearly 5 months of on and off work to finish this little guy.

It’s now finished, working, updated to the latest firmware and ready to Party!

Here are some pics of the building process.

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