My first Max/MSP app in a long time, and my first monome app, The Party Van is based on The Party Bus, the center piece of most of my performing/electronic stuff (including solo drum+electronics stuff and Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern), itself being based on the WTPA 8-bit sampler.

So what is it?

Firstly, it looks/sounds like this:

That’s not everything it can do, but just a quick taste of some of the slicing/granulizing/pattern based stuff.

Here is a more thorough, although less musical example of stuff:

And now a more musical, but specific (snare-based) example:

Here’s a demo of the C-C-Combine module newly included in v09

Here’s The Party Van as used in my series of pieces “Everything. Everything at once. Once.”


The Party Van is a live sampling and performance instrument built using Max/MSP. It was programmed around the Monome 64 and Arc 2 controllers but includes mapping for an iPad running TouchOSC (custom layout included) as well as the Keith McMillen Softstep foot controller. Additionally, the patch has MIDI learn functionality built in, so every parameter can be mapped to any MIDI controller.


-A variety of samples/loopers oriented towards live performance
-Granular, concatenative, and convolution based synthesis on recorded buffers

-Buffer-based and real-time audio analysis used to dynamically generate intelligent presets
-Input/output effects
-Input stage convolution and amp simulation
-8-bit sampler/looper based on the ciat-lonbarde Cocolase instrument
-Virtual CD skipping module based on “The Chocolate Grinder”, another one of my patches
-Attack-based sampling and triggering of effects -Several soundfont and synthesis-based playback instruments

There is no quantization. And all the modules play really nicely together. You can start recording a loop while in slicing mode, or switch between grain/normal and start where you left off, or record every knob wiggle in the pattern recorder, or reverse while creating your original loop etc…

This patch is an ongoing project for me. It is currently in a beta state as far as what I want, but each module is road/studio tested and working solidly.

(current version v1.0, last updated on 20 April 2014)

Click here download the patch and instructions


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  • thnks :)

  • the instructions doesnt cover how to set everything up and get audio running in and out of the “Party Van”, could you please help me out with this??

    • Click “configure dsp” in the top right and select your soundcard and in/out.

      After that the “input” section controls your inputs. You have a dropdown menu to select wether you want live audio coming in, or a file for playback. It defaults to ‘incoming live audio’, labelled as “adc” (analog to digital conversion).

      In that section you can control the input level for the first four inputs on your soundcard, and you have control of the “thru” level, so if you want to hear the input coming out of the output, as well as loops/samples and so on. If you’re using a microphone or are using the patch with an acoustic instrument, you may want that turned down, but if you are using an electric instrument, you’d want to have that turned up.

      Let me know if that answers your question(s).

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  • [...] recently put out the v05 version of my Party Van software, and it is looking/sounding great if I don’t say so [...]

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  • hello Rodrigo

    I loved your tutorial, and the result is musically very interesting.
    But unfortunately, I don’t have a monome.
    So I wanted to ask you if it has a way to run the monemur v3.0 maxpatch, a sort of monome emulation on ipad Lemur.I’ve tried, it doesn’t work for now…
    The touchosc solution is convincing but not for mashing in a MLR-esque style.Any suggestions?
    Thank you for your attention

    • You can do most of the stuff without a monome (though not MLR stuff).
      I think some people have used the party van with emulation successfully.

      • Greetings!
        Any chance you know how they managed to get the emulation running with this incredible app? Im currently looking into it. if I find out I will share the what worked and post here.


        • I said I would return and here i am. Still only having the lauchpad I have been wanting to get this up and running very badly… So, still new and still may be some kinks but I have been able to get the van to recognize and connect to this. A max for live monome emu

          • p.s I should clairify I am not the one who made this emulaution. im not nearly that capable with max as of now. anyway CHeers.

          • That’s exciting news!
            I take it you are able to control the party van using that?
            Does it take and/or translate varibrightness messages? If not, you should select “legacy” for the varibrightness settings in the Setup window.

  • This is such a labor of love (or live as my initial typo called it !). Thanks for sharing and thanks to that incredible community. Just started with max two years ago and working hard to do what I imagine with it, and already try to share in the topics I have enough confidence with. Can’t wait to try it at home first then anywhere !

    • Thanks!
      v10 is a really big change and it’s been taking a while, but I’m quite excited to get it out there.

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  • The is sooo cool love what you are doing.

  • Thanks so much for making and sharing this! I came accros it last week and having a ball. I don’t have a monome and still learning it but got audio from ableton(and back) working and having a ball. Now searching for a nice midi config and flow. You don’t happen to have an osc for iPhone laying around anywhere do you ;) thanks again sir. Keep it up

    • Glad you like it!
      I never made an iPhone layout as I don’t use it with it. Maybe one day.

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